The Hot Air Prime Minister

What would happen to a hot air balloon if you poked it with a sharp object? It would deflate and fall to the ground. Well that’s like anti-American Prime Minister (PM) Paul Martin. Paul Martin came into office vowing to improve Canadian/American relations that were strained by former PM Jean Chretien. Chretien was anti-American. Chretien would rather support America’s enemies then to stand with Canada’s long time friend.

Martin is the mini-Chretien. He hasn’t improved relations between the two countries. Martin has faced scandals in his own leadership and has come under investigation. So how does a Canadian politician try to regain support? The politician criticizes the U.S. and challenges her on every level. The Canadian public eats this up and then thinks you’re the Messiah.

This Canadian PM has has no backbone. He’s like a hot air balloon that is ready to deflate. Martin was a good finance minister but doesn’t have the leadership skills to lead Canada. Martin is more liberal on social policy then Senator Ed Kennedy.

It’s unfortunate that Canadians define their identity this way as being anti-American. What a wonderful way to identify yourself.
I’m able to comment about this because I’m Canadian. I grew up in a country that defined itself by the hatred it had for America.

Canadians view America as a murderous nation (their murder rate) with no family values or morals. I don’t know how Canada has come to be viewed as a country with moral values. Its rampant liberalism is almost unparalleled.

If you live in Canada and you are a conservative you are ridiculed and shamed. You are even called a Nazi. Yeah, a proud conservative Jew like me is really a Nazi. What has Paul Martin done to counter this behavior? He’s done nothing. Martin actually fuels this hatred.

Martin continually attacks America. He isn’t living up to his pledge to to improve Canadian/American relations. If he was serious, he would defend America from the bogus claims and assertions that many Canadians have about this great country.

So Paul Martin is full of hot air. He can’t be taken seriously. Instead of improving relations with America, he has attacked her to try and improve his popularity. If I were the President I wouldn’t trust Martin. I wouldn’t even deal with him

So why is Martin so upset with America? He claims that America is violating NAFTA by imposing tariffs on soft lumber. What’s he talking about? Canada does things to protect it’s culture from America and has implemented laws about how much Canadian content must be shown by Canadian media.

Canada has also attempted to implement laws prohibiting Canadian advertisers from buying advertising in Canadian editions of American publications. This was attempted in Bill C-55 in 1999. When it was first introduced, Clinton warned that it could spark a trade war. This was the latest of similar laws dating back to 1965 (Miami Herald).

After negotiation the Bill was amended slightly.

So now Paul Martin is crying foul. It was Martin’s Liberal government who was the sponsor of the bill. Now they must reap what they sewed. They had no vision and couldn’t see how their anti-American ways would have a negative impact.

For many years Americans admired Canadians and would even take their criticism. In recent years as Canada’s anti-American attitude has worsened, Americans are starting to resent their neighbor.
Many Americans now believe that Canadians hate America and would rather support her enemies.

Until Paul Martin leads Canada in a different direction, Canada/American relations will be strained. It’s up to Martin to live up to his words and start improving relations with America.